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A Time to Re-think Our Behaviour

“Thank God men cannot fly, and lay waste the sky as well as the earth.”
– Henry David Thorea

Famous philosopher Henry Thorea may have gotten it right over 150 years ago, but what he himself did not foresee was how the insatiable desire of man for scientific advancement will one day lay waste the sky. Today, with wings to fly via aircrafts and spacecrafts, and with constant emissions from man’s activities on the earth, man is gradually laying waste the sky just as he has laid waste the earth- greenhouse effect now threatens the ozone layer and our very existence.
When will man take responsibility for the earth and mange it in sync with nature, without disrupting the natural process of regeneration that Mother Earth had set out?
Two vital global events will definitely catch the attention of anyone concerned about the state of our environment and consequently our lives. One was the Mother Earth Day which was marked on the 22nd of April 2019; and the other was the World Intellectual Property Day marked on the 26 th of April 2019. Both events offered a remarkable opportunity for all of us to think deeply about the issues being highlighted by these special days. But more than just a reflection, we should definitely identify some practical things we can do to help correct the situation.
As a company, we are pleased to say that we align ourselves with these global initiatives. First on Mother Earth Day, we all are called to support environmental protection. We must begin to see the Earth as a mother who has within herself all it takes to keep all species alive and kicking, but only to the extent to which we carry out eco-friendly practices that support her. We are reminded that our phones, laptops, gadgets, and general electronics contain toxic substances, and if disposed inappropriately pollutes our environment and harms other species of our planet.
First, on Mother Earth Day, we once again appeal that Nigerians should always ensure that we dispose our e-waste to licensed and authorized companies like E-Terra Technologies, and reduce the patronage of informal eWaste handlers who do not dispose in an eco-friendly manner. By so doing we would be taking a vital step in contributing to safer planet earth for us and our posterity.

Also, World Intellectual Property Day gives us a moment to pause, and take stock of how we have protected our sweat and blood as a people. “Brain Work is Hard Work”, they say. But how much of our brain work is protected and safe from breaches and exploitation by others?

Today, many organisations – public and private, still do not know that when desktop computers, phones, hard drives, flashdrives, SIM cards, or even ATM cards are left with informal handlers, their sensitive information including intellectual property may be stolen. In fact, many banks and businesses continue to fall victim of cyber crime because their hardware is not disposed in a manner that guarantees permanent destruction of data-containing devices in line with global best practice. The best option is that all unwanted, but sensitive organisational information must be permanently destroyed in a secure and environmentally friendly manner.

In Sub-Saharan Africa, E-Terra Technologies Limited is one of the few licensed and globally certified companies that you can trust for this service.

5 Little Ways You Can Make a Great Difference

As we reflect on Mother Earth Day, and World Intellectual Property Day, here are 5 ways you can protect the environment, and safeguard your intellectual property@

1. Practice Safe, Secure and Eco-friendly Disposal of all electronic gadgets in your home.

2. Tell Your Neighbours and Friends what you have just learnt about Eco-friendly eWaste Disposal.

3. Tell Your Company about Secure and Eco-friendly Disposal of eWaste and Data Destruction.

4. Tell Your Government Representatives to enact Eco-friendly e-Waste Collection and Disposal Policies.

5. Share this Article to Someone to Your Network so the Message can go Round to all who need to Hear it.

Finally, remember that E-Terra technologies support the work of the Federal Ministry of Environment and the Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency (LASEPA), and many others who are partners in creating a sustainable environment for our country. Until next time, remain eco-friendly.

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