Reduce. Reuse. Recycle

In line with our mission to assist our clients protect their businesses from hackers and identity thieves, one of our core businesses is the irreversible destruction of storage media and other proprietary devices utilizing cutting-edge technologies, ameliorating the growing regional and global problem of theft of sensitive information and data insecurity.

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DEGAUSSING AND DATA DESTRUCTION (Shredding & Recycling of Sensitive Data Storage Materials)
Through this service offering, we prevent data theft and potential negative financial, proprietary and security consequences, by assisting corporate institutions degauss and permanently destroy/shred & recycle all unwanted data storage media e.g. hard drives, tapes, CDs and more in an environmentally sustainable manner.

This is an internationally standardized service that involves the degaussing and irreversible destruction of data storage assets, such as Hard Drives, Tapes, CDs, Paper, Sim & ATM cards and more. The process utilizes state-of-the-art technology and machinery in degaussing and permanently destroying all types of data storage assets and components via our pioneering IT degaussers, shredders and disintegrators. All data storage components are shredded into fine particles rendering all information impossible to retrieve. Furthermore, it is worthy of note that our data destruction technology complies with the following international standards:

• CESG — UK Government Certified Data Erasure ·DIPCOG ·NAS • BLANCO

OPTION 1: Off-site Data Destruction:
Under this arrangement, we will pick up and securely transport all discarded data storage devices from client’s site to our Material Recovery & Recycling Facility (MRRF)  where shredding processes are conducted. The resulting particle size is 10 millimeters, rendering information after degaussing 100% irretrievable. Degaussing is required for off-site shredding. To achieve this, a 10,000 gauss force is used to disrupt the magnetic field that helps contain information, rendering data 90% irretrievable. It is our standard to physically shred storage components after degaussing to guarantee 100% data elimination.

OPTION 2: On-site Data Destruction:
To give our clients business peace of mind, our pioneering mobile data destruction truck  will be driven to your site where the service is delivered. The best of data destruction technology is administered within your facility using disintegration machinery that granulates components guaranteeing 100% data elimination. The disintegrator reduces storage media to 6 millimeters particle size rendering information irrecoverable without requiring degaussing.