Reduce. Reuse. Recycle

This is a service rendered with minimal business disruption for systematically retiring outdated and costly legacy company I.T assets without compromising business needs or compliance requirements.

It is performed in two ways; first we utilize a rigorous process to analyze the I.T asset portfolio and identify the best candidates for decommissioning. This is based on a combination of asset value to the business, the savings that can be achieved, and the cost to retire them. In general, the best candidates have valuable data that need to be retained for a long period of time thus offering longer-term cost savings while not being difficult to deal with technically.

Second, we employ innovative technology that can extract data from IT assets and store it in an accessible but fully compliant central repository. This includes maintaining a full chain-of-custody audit as I.T assets are decommissioned while maintaining all security, privacy, retention and other compliance rules in the central repository.

Finally, we submit a comprehensive report to clients on I.T assets to withdraw and take out of service.