Reduce. Reuse. Recycle

Independent E-Terra Service Agent

Are you a fantastic salesperson? ✔ Can you sell just about anything? ✔ Even electronic waste management services? ✔ Could your sales prowess earn you fist bumps from John Henry Patterson, Mary Kay Ash and Zig Ziglar? ✔ Great, you’ve met the first requirement! Next.

Do you have high profile contacts in one or more of the following categories that you can leverage to your own advantage?  ✔

  • Broadcasts: audio, film, print and media production
  • Retailers, brands and distributors: Telecoms, FMCGs, eCommerce, record labels
  • Corporates: insurance, banking and finance
  • Government parastatals, agencies, and public authorities
  • Security: Defense organizations, military, surveillance agencies, investigation bureaus
  • Consulting, legal and accounting firms
  • Manufacturers, OEMs – small, medium and large
  • Hospitals and healthcare
  • School institutions
  • ICT solutions and storage providers
  • Utilities: energy, water
  • NGOs

Great, you have passed all requirements. The Independent E-Terra Service Agent (IESA) role is an independent contractor type role that offers a select caliber of distinguished individuals the opportunity to exploit an internationally accredited company’s profile and platform to mutually beneficial ends.

E-Terra Technologies Limited is a pioneering e-waste management company in Nigeria. We are ISO certified on both business practice and environmental management grounds. We help companies and individuals protect confidential data by secure destruction, using cutting edge technology and best international practice.

If you take on the IESA role, you will be selling primarily, data security services that are performed with rare degaussing and shredding facilities. Secondarily you may offer our other electronic waste management services such as IT asset decommissioning and e-waste collection for eco-friendly recycling.

To prepare you for the role, you will go through a two-day orientation at our Material Recovery and Recycling Facility and/ or our administrative office. Full training and assistance will be provided every step of the way to enable you initiate and close deals successfully. Our motto is: you win, we win. Remuneration is commission based. There’s absolutely no limit to much you can earn or how many deals you can negotiate. Determination is key. You alone will define your peak. Fully flexible, the role is to be performed at your own pace and convenience. As an IESA, you are your own tech-sales boss!

Before acquiescing to this opportunity, you are advised to peruse the following four documents: an E-Terra Company Profile, a Sensitizing Presentation Document on E-waste Management, a Step-by-Step Sales Guide, and an MOU.

Contact to book an orientation and get started.