Reduce. Reuse. Recycle

An eco-friendly, end-to-end e-waste collection and disposal service targeting environmentally friendly organizations seeking to dispose their unwanted end-of-life electrical and electronic equipment.

Through this service, we assist business and government institutions including communities GO GREEN, by securely evacuating and responsibly disposing their unwanted electronic and electrical equipment in a manner that does not harm man and the environment. This involves the secure collection and disposal of electronic waste, expert material handling following international health and safety e-waste guidelines and eco-friendly disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous end-of-life electronic and electrical equipment. This service is majorly targeted at organizations effectively disposing and recycling discarded seeking prevailing definitions of business sustainability in and obsolete e-waste in an eco-friendly manner following international best practice. We also implement community e-waste recycling initiatives to detoxify our residencies.

Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) Treatment:
The global transition from CRT to Flat screen television and monitors created no active collection system in Nigeria for secure evacuation and treatment of CRTs in an environmentally sound manner. This has left our societies defenseless against lead and cadmium poisoning associated with improper handling of CRTs. E-Terra has an internationally standardized CRT recycling facility making us the first company in Nigeria with technology to safely and securely process Cathode Ray Tube Televisions and Monitors. Our CRT recycling machine can treat 200 CRTs per day.

Spent Fluorescent Tube and Bulb Recycling:
Compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFLs) and other fluorescent lamps (straight, U-bend, circular), Neon/argon lamps, high intensity discharge lamps (HIDs) which include mercury vapor bulbs, metal halides and high pressure sodium lights contains heavy metals that can seep into our soil or waterways, leading to mercury poisoning and other diseases in humans and animals alike when improperly disposed. Additionally, crude disposal processes leads to breakages which exposes waste handlers to mercury vapor with cancerous health hazards. E-Terra has a bulb recycling machine that can safely treat most discarded florescent tubes and bulb. We can treat 1,500 spent florescent tubes per day.

Cable Recycling:
The burning of electronic and electrical cable releases pollutant that causes severe air and environmental pollution. However, at E-Terra, our cable recycling equipment can strip and shred 100 kg of cables per hour in an environmentally friendly manner.

Battery Recycling:
We recycle lithium and lead batteries through our local and international recycling partners e.g. Union Autoparts Manufacturing Co. Ltd, Nnewi, Nigeria, Envirobat, Spain and Morphosis, France.

All batteries are securely evacuated from clients’ sites to our Material Recovery and Recycling Facility (MRRF) in Lagos, Nigeria. At the MRRF, battery terminals are secured to prevent leakage and partial contact. Lead batteries are checked and placed on wooden pallets after which they are transferred to metallic drums for secure storage.

Lithium batteries are securely stored in thick plastic drums and sand filled. All batteries are eventually shipped to our recycling partners in Nigeria and Europe for reuse or environmentally-friendly recycling.